Tough As Nails

Growing up in New York I was exposed to and learn to appreciate the arts. My father, Dick Hendricks, was a highly regarded pastel artist. Inspired by his frequent international travels, his work reflected the physical, cultural, and social diversity he observed in different parts of the world. When he passed in 2014 his collection laid dormant.

Working with Nichelson Entertainment I am breathing new life to his creative works, starting with a one of a kind t-shirt featuring his piece Tough As Nails, expressing the daily struggle of being a black man in America. Each purchase comes with a download of Come Together by Fingerprints. Next up, an art show in December 2020 with another show being scheduled for late 2021, details forthcoming.

This limited quantity shirt is a premium Next Level apparel cotton / polyester blend, soft and breathable material with high quality printing for years of durable fashion. Available in white and heather grey.

#tanshirt #dickhendricksart #pastelartist

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